Hurricane Florence in North Carolina USA

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  • Scary!!

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    • Really cool how he did that presentation with virtual reality. Hope everyone gets out and doesn't decide to stay. Had my fair share down here in N'awlins

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      • yes scary

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      • The water level like this is truly devastating. A lot of people don't realise the sheer power of the flow at that scale. Our house was inundated at about 0.8m level a few years ago, destroying almost everything, breaking gates, fences, moving full shipping containers, etc. 

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        • It really is, people think it's not dangerous, but it really is. I was hit with hurricane sandy several yrs ago and it was scary.

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        • It truly is devastating. The power of water is unbelievable. I am not sure if I remember that happening...but I do remember when you had an incident at your home where you lost the computers and all belongings and ended up buying a new Mac. Not sure if same occurrence or not.

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