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DB Clustering

According to our documentation (https://una.io/wiki/MySQL-cluster) this is how we would implement db clustering. Well explained though but I am still in the dark as this is all new to me. I do however according to my requirements need to have this configured because my user base will be across cities, countries, I might as well say a facebook like userbase. What I need is a clear step by step example particular to my UNA platform. If I could have separated my database for example into let's say communities, now spaces will help in this regard to separate communities, but if I could have stored each space on its own database or if some of our experts can perhaps give me some advice as to how this can be done.

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    • Hello @Chris Andre Buys, you might be better off posting this discussion on the UNA.io site (if you have not already done so) as there is a community of people/developers who help each other out with all things UNA! Good luck :)

      • Rene, Thx for your respond. Indeed, it was posted on the official UNA website as well.

        No reply from it yet, but hopefully soon. I see some of the people talk about multi-sites and it makes me wonder if UNA do support this architect completely because that will also do the trick for me. Do you perhaps know anything about it? Point taken though and will in future just do that.

        • Hello @Chris Andre Buys , you are welcome. Yes I found your Discussion in UNA.io and see that Alex T replied to you there over a week ago so maybe have another look and ask further questions there.

          As far as your question about multi-sites, you are best again either posting a discussion on UNA.io, or you can book a call with the team here https://cal.com/team/una/intro to discuss your questions in further details.

          Hope that helps :)

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