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How is this different from BooneX

How is this platform Marketedly different from BooneX

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    • Hi William Hammer  -  Online.Me  is a solution built on the UNA.io  Platform, Online.Me is just one demonstration of the UNA.io platform - there are many other things that UNA can do, it is a versatile and powerful system, essentially a Meccano style system that can create any type of community focussed web solution. There are many ways in which UNA outperforms Dolphin, but here is a few key reasons;

      UNA is built from the ground up for mobile deployment, whereas Dolphin was adapted for mobile, it has it's deficiencies in this area (as do a lot of other community based software ecosystems..) Every aspect and module within UNA has been built first for mobile.

      UNA is based on Dolphin, but rebuilt to accomodate large scale load, remote storage and various configurations of multi-profile accounts. We have also configured UNA to comply with GDPR regulations.

      There is a rapidly growing ecosystem and a shift in focus from the Boonex team to develop UNA as out core project, whereas Dolphin will be continually supported for the near future, we are not investing in future development there - whereas UNA is a growing concern.

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