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Hi Mark. I came across UNA a year or two ago and am very excited about the alternative to prevailing "anti-social" media platforms. Before using the site more fully, I'm hoping to get answers to some questions I haven't been able to find answer to anywhere else on UNA.

  1. Is this site a "demo" site or an actual social media platform on its own? That is, is it intended to be around relatively permanently and maintained with backend support, etc. or is it more so an "AS IS" site that could be switched up at any point in time?
  2. If one sets up a profile on or one's own configuration of UNA elsewhere replete with the various options (e.g., posts, channels, discussions, groups, etc.), is there a way to a) backup all that data on a regular basis? and b) migrate the various forms of data to another kind of intranet/platform? In other words, how does one maintain ownership and control of data/content generated on the UNA platform?

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For anyone interested in the goings on of here is a link to the events page with all of the webinars from the last year. Lots of interesting information on how to use UNA as well as current development and releases.

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Is this a message only to Mark or to all users?

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hey, Mark! just kicking the tires. This looks really great.

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