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After thoroughly indulging this past holiday season, I find myself already day dreaming about the goodies to come next year!

My partner's mum always makes the most delicious food, especially for the holidays. Over the past couple of years, I have had the honour of rolling up my sleeves and helping her out in the kitchen. It's been great learning new recipes and sharing one or two of my own with her.

She makes and bakes her heart out including some amazing shortbread cookies (simple yet delicious), pan forte, many different types of cakes, slices, and these amazing cookies that are a combination of a fancy gingerbread like dough that also have jam thumbprints in them and even have dark chocolate on one side (cannot remember the name at the moment).

Then for the savoury side of things, her turkeys (yes plural, she has a family of 19 to feed when everyone is home for the holidays) are perfection, gravy and bread sauce divine, orange, ginger sweet potato dish to die for, honey steamed carrots, green salad, and my personal favourite, her homemade stuffing. 

I got to make the stuffing with her this year, and I am so grateful! My favourite part is that it is full of herbs that we were able to pick right out of our garden. It has huge handfuls of thyme, marjoram and parsley, mixed with shredded carrots, shredded parsnips, diced onion, eggs and of course some bread. She learned this recipe from her mother, who learnt it from her mother, and it's really lovely that she is passing on the tradition to me.

So I am wondering, what are some of your favourite holiday foods? They can be homemade, or store bought, but I want to know what really makes you think of the holidays and brings a smile to your heart and belly 😋

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