Quick update. Over the next few days, we will change some configuration settings here, but the biggest improvements will come with the next UNA update, due next week.

  • Awesome Antaratma. Curious about how did you come up with this handle Andrew?

    • Antaratma is the initiation name given to me by my guru, coming from the yogic tradition called Satyananda Yoga. 

      A name like that is given not so much as an identification, but more as a subject for contemplation. 

      • Great, I guess you know the English name for Antaratma too?

        • Yes, though you could translate it in many different ways, the most literal would be "internal consciousness/soul". I perceive it as a personal perspective within the Paramatman   totality. In fact it is somewhat reflected in the logo of this site - the dot inside is, you could say, Antar-atman, and the circle around it is the manifestation or the "presentation" of that aspect of Param-atman that can be perceived (illusion, if you will). I guess you could also say that the dot is Shiva (observer) and the circle is Shakti (manifested form or energy), together forming the Brahman (all of the spacetime and universal consciousness). You would probably know better... as I'm only starting to make sense of these metaphors. 😊 

        • Awesome news. Thanks for posting an update. Спасибо

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