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ONLINE.ME network will be developed with one key principle guiding every decision - it is a network for people. This means that we shall only enable features that benefit end-users, make the experience better for the members and improve overall satisfaction with the service. 

Therefore ONLINE.ME will always be making only enough revenue to sustain operation and development; maintaining members rights for content ownership and personal anonymity; providing an easy and unrestricted way to delete accounts and export own content.

A social network value is entirely dependent on members and the content they create. Since ONLINE.ME is powered by an open-source UNA platform,  the software itself is not part of the value proposition, which effectively means that content and members is all that counts. We do not own the content or the members - ONLINE.ME belongs to everyone who contributes to it and our goal is to keep users in control.

you win this weeks prize for the coolest profile pic :) is updated to the latest UNA 9rc9. 

Quick update. Over the next few days, we will change some configuration settings here, but the biggest improvements will come with the next UNA update, due next week.

Somebody brought a whole lot of simple play-gear, put a sign "free play" and a sign of their fitness studio next to it. Sure enough, heaps of kids playing and parents standing around, soaking in the subtle marketing message. What a brilliant !

Our favourite fruit. Who knows the name? 😄 

I often wonder why more things are not made from recycled plastics.

This setup of una looks great.  I have been waiting and watching una for a while now.  I'd like to set this up on  Should I just grab the github version or do you recommend something else.
I have a lot of people waiting for the site to relaunch after being down for a couple years.  I just uninstalled dolphin and i'm ready to install una.

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