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Test Stories - Live song from jamulus
Are you tired of battling persistent dandruff and an itchy scalp? If so, you're not alone. Many of us have experienced the discomfort and embarrassment that comes with these issues. Fortunately, there's a natural remedy that has been gaining popularity for its effectiveness – tea tree oil for hair. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore how you can use tea tree oil to conquer dandruff and soothe that annoying itch. Get ready to say goodbye to those white flakes and hello to a healthier scalp! 1. Introduction Dealing with dandruff and an itchy scalp can be frustrating. But before we dive into the solution, let's understand what causes these pesky problems and how tea tree oil can come to
In today's world, where self-care and personal grooming have gained immense importance, maintaining healthy and luscious hair is a top priority for many. Hair loss and thinning hair can be distressing, but there are natural remedies that can help combat these concerns. One such powerful solution is rosemary oil. Known for its incredible benefits in promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss, rosemary oil has been used for centuries in various cultures for its potent properties. Understanding Hair Loss and its Causes Before delving into the miraculous effects of rosemary oil, it's crucial to comprehend the root causes of hair loss. Hair loss can occur due to a variety of reasons, includin
Twitch creates new program to pay streamers more reliably
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The Ad Incentive Program will pay streamers a guaranteed minimum amount of ad revenue per month Twitch is implementing a new initiative that could alleviate one of the biggest stressors of content creation: unreliable income. The Ad Incentive Program, or AIP, is a new program that will pay select streamers a guaranteed monthly minimum amount of ad revenue. Qualified affiliate or partner streamers will receive a notification from Twitch offering them different payouts based on the amount of ads run per hour and total hours streamed. In the example Twitch provided, if a creator streamed for at least 40 hours that month, they could receive $100 for running two minutes of ads per hour, $300 fo
Favourite Holiday Foods
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After thoroughly indulging this past holiday season, I find myself already day dreaming about the goodies to come next year!My partner's mum always makes the most delicious food, especially for the holidays. Over the past couple of years, I have had the honour of rolling up my sleeves and helping her out in the kitchen. It's been great learning new recipes and sharing one or two of my own with her.She makes and bakes her heart out including some amazing shortbread cookies (simple yet delicious), pan forte, many different types of cakes, slices, and these amazing cookies that are a combination of a fancy gingerbread like dough that also have jam thumbprints in them and even have dark chocolat
SHODASI : SECRETS OF THE RAMAYANA ENGLISH   HINDI AND TELUGU ORIGINAL AUTHOR : SESHENDRA SHARMA Seshendra : Visionary Poet of the Millennium  REVIEWS : / Books :       Ramayana, a replica of Vedas S. VARADARAJAN There are several versions of the Sri Ramayana, one of the two greatest epics. Following Sri Valmiki Ramayana several editions have been published in various languages, besides scores of commentaries written across centuries. Late. Gunturu Seshendra Sharma, scholar poet of 20th Century unearthed secrets of the Ramayana through his popular Telugu book “S
The Burning Sun
                                                        THE BURNING SUN  I am the drop of sweat, I am the sun Rising from the hills of human sinews, Hearts are my friends I live in the city of sufferings Although in my fist, I hold an ocean of history I sculptured man silently – Wings that carried birds Did not bring them back; I am drinking thick darkness In the haunts of those forests Which cry out in agony for the birds That did not return; Clutching at the garment woven of memories I twine myself to the feet of my country.  Heads that were hanging to the trees Smile as flowers today in the branches Hearts that received the bullets Ring in temples of our land like bells; Blood of theirs n
How Rednecks Ski
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Green Manure Update
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My green manure really took off with all the rain! We finally got some organic compost yesterday so we could prep the beds for planting.  I pushed over the green manure  covered it with hay added the compost  and then topped with more hay to protect it!  Once the rain passes in a couple of days I can plant my seeds and seedlings!  Excited to see what this new garden will offer! #organicgardening #greenery #greenmanure #learnsomethingnew