Comment to 'lucid template'
Comment to lucid template
  • Andrew has made mention of this plenty of times. Read up in the forum and updates. He has mentioned they will release the mix soon for those that wish to have the Lucid template look like the one on here. In case you didn't know...UNA is customizable and so are the templates. That's something that is also mentioned numerous times throughout the documentation. This is why often times posts are duplicated because many fail to search and read as to what's been discussed already.

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    • Jeremy thanks for the reminder but I already knew that...but post move quickly and not everyone sees everything. So when people purchase a module they have to rely on what is in the description. I completely understand it's "customizable" but you completely glaze over my point that they advertise it as the "full demo site".

      Not everyone here is on the newsletter or consistently visits the UNA site, so to toss everyone in the same basket (that they should know), isn't the correct response. The correct response is to correct the description as I pointed out above. That's just good business sense. Don't blame the customer for not knowing every detail about your product, when you advertise it one way and provide something else.

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