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una admin panel versus dolphin , structure, how to guide

hi there, 

I installed both dolphin and una on a vps server that I should intentionally hire for a non profitable project for disabled peoples and children, 

I was very fan of dolphin and by the end I found una from the same project group.

while I became very familiar with dolphin, I don't see many capabilities on una admin panel in comparison to dolphin, like page building, tools, even setting is very short, 

so I am wondering if i did the installation correctly and I didn't mis anything , as I see everybody is encouraging us for una, 


who is (are) volunter to check my admin page, please pm me , and if necessary we can go through teh pages togehter by anydesk, .... 

i appeaciate any help as we planned to start up just before start of school periode. 

kind regards, 

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    • another example, in dolphin you could add extra fields and containers on different forms, you could change wide and add colomn in every page differently, i una, I don't see it, and alsovideo and audio chat, I don't see it ...

      • Hi Dap - I'm happy to give you a demo on UNA - you can message me through here with your email and we can set up a meeting time.

        • I am still waiting who want to guid me through this una admin guide. of course I know how to for simple things, for tricky things, like css, change of colomn width,  retrieve data, admin on users, there is no content cotrole and analytic on what admin can know about users transactions, and movements, looks like you give a field to children to play, you can controle them what are their limitations, but there is no possibility to monitor them, am  right? or do I miss something, thats why I just need someone to have a look ar my admin page and chek my installed modules. thanks 

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