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I have a suggestion. we can have an install of una with granting admin to ourselves, with this idea to give opportunity to learn from each other and learn how admin is organized, classified , ..... 

this gives the second grade like me that are not really code maker but enough enthusiast to do a contribution to make some tutorials based on what we learned from you the top admins, 

this also help us atleast to not get the valuable time of developers of una to spent to answer to our basic questions, so maybe we will be your students to stay at level of first help staff to help the others, so we grow the comunity, 

currently we even don't have a complete una that we can see what finally can be done and run on una, I cannot but some modules just to try them when  I even don't see a demo or don't have any idea how looks like, 

short of history, una is a community, let 's make this firetly a community between us, I noticed very few users like to share their own website , then let show them what they can have more from una. any comments welcome, I am open for contributions.and making wiki, or toturials, ....

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hi there, 

I installed both dolphin and una on a vps server that I should intentionally hire for a non profitable project for disabled peoples and children, 

I was very fan of dolphin and by the end I found una from the same project group.

while I became very familiar with dolphin, I don't see many capabilities on una admin panel in comparison to dolphin, like page building, tools, even setting is very short, 

so I am wondering if i did the installation correctly and I didn't mis anything , as I see everybody is encouraging us for una, 


who is (are) volunter to check my admin page, please pm me , and if necessary we can go through teh pages togehter by anydesk, .... 

i appeaciate any help as we planned to start up just before start of school periode. 

kind regards, 

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Good to see you here! 🌟

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