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Your latest seen movies

This thread has been made to post impressions about the movies seen recently.

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    • Here we go!

      This is the first one! The spaghetti western "The great silence / Il grande silenzio" (1968). Here is the IMDb link

      I was going to watch it for several years and it happened last week. Well, it wasn't so great as I expected by many reviews has some technical problems with the cut and cinematography. The screenplay contains some not-polished issues. But it offers the non-usual point of view on Wild West gunfighters and bounty-hunters. Very often in the westerns, we may see them as fearless and honorable warriors fighting injustice. But here we may see them closer to reality as the cold and ruthless murders in-law. The good performance of Jean-Louis Trintignant and Klaus Kinski especially compared with some supported actors. And shocked final - it's hard to tell about without spoilers but this is the most tragically final in all my western filmography. Just a WOW. So I guess it is a good title to check for every Western fan.

      Here is the trailer:

      • Oh cool! I have not watched very many spaghetti westerns, but I really enjoyed the trailer! So dramatic. And the snowy mountain scenery was stunning.  I love older movies as they provide a window in time. Might check it out someday. 

        • I have not seen many movies recently (been watching a handful of series). One movie that I have seen in the last few months was "A Street Cat Named Bob" (2016).

          This was a really touching movie that is based on a real stray cat who changed the life of a street musician who was battling drug addiction. I think it really captures the amazing connections that are possible with animals, and how some of our furry companions help and support us more than we know. While it addresses some serious topics, it is a real feel good movie and was the perfect movie to watch after the recent passing of our beloved old dog Bobby. I definitely recommend watching it.

          Here is the trailer, but I believe that trailers these days give too much of the movie away, so if you like what you see, don't watch the whole trailer and just watch the movie! 

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