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I'm the one from the nicest team of IT!


Very cute cat, but sometimes the movies about animals challenges are very hard to watch too :-\

Here we go!

This is the first one! The spaghetti western "The great silence / Il grande silenzio" (1968). Here is the IMDb link

I was going to watch it for several years and it happened last week. Well, it wasn't so great as I expected by many reviews has some technical problems with the cut and cinematography. The screenplay contains some not-polished issues. But it offers the non-usual point of view on Wild West gunfighters and bounty-hunters. Very often in the westerns, we may see them as fearless and honorable warriors fighting injustice. But here we may see them closer to reality as the cold and ruthless murders in-law. The good performance of Jean-Louis Trintignant and Klaus Kinski especially compared with some supported actors. And shocked final - it's hard to tell about without spoilers but this is the most tragically final in all my western filmography. Just a WOW. So I guess it is a good title to check for every Western fan.

Here is the trailer:

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This thread has been made to post impressions about the movies seen recently.

Reposted Mark Purser's discussion.

This is an open discussion, many of you are Social Media connoisseurs, I'm interested to know, from your perspective, what are the common features that make a Social Network fly?

Perhaps it is a great niche idea? Or maybe they were the first to implement groovy functionality? Or perhaps they just got lucky? Or maybe it is a symphony of multiple factors. There's a few experts here, I'd love to know your thoughts, feel free to share links to example sites as well.

My ideas are in the comments! 

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Wow! This part overwhelms the rest of this movie.


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The part of the funny show in Thailand, Pattaya, Elephant farm

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