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Good discussion for UNA.IO, too. My points would be similar to yours, Mark Purser :1. Focus on one o…
by Antaratma
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Have you watched this UNA Demo that Antaratma Andrew Boon created recently? He gives a great overview of the UNA capabilities on the front end and back end through UNA Studio - For the UNA Curious it is well worth a watch...

I love to watch the ocean, seeing lines of oceanic swell pushing in and wrapping around a point of land, gives such a clear depiction of the nature of energy. The sun heats the air, creates wind, wind creates waves, energy flows in continual motion, changing forms yet always remaining constant in its manner. The nature of energy is movement. 

This shot yesterday from the most Easterly point of the Australian mainland. 

If you are interested in all things UNA - be sure to follow our intrepid CEO Antaratma's VLOG on YouTube and or UNA.IO - it gives a great indication of where thing are at in UNAville , tips on Development and what to expect with updates and ongoing development...

Hi Mark, is there any way to make social media shares show more post text?  I couldn't find a setting for that.

Hey Mark where is the "Unity is strength..."  headline in the editor? 

Reposted UNA's event.

My yoga studio in Byron Bay, Australia

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This is an open discussion, many of you are Social Media connoisseurs, I'm interested to know, from your perspective, what are the common features that make a Social Network fly?

Perhaps it is a great niche idea? Or maybe they were the first to implement groovy functionality? Or perhaps they just got lucky? Or maybe it is a symphony of multiple factors. There's a few experts here, I'd love to know your thoughts, feel free to share links to example sites as well.

My ideas are in the comments! 

There is some excellent information in this VLOG update from Antaratma  - Andrew gives an excellent breakdown on The Data Transfer Project which is an extremely exciting development for independent social community developers... Also providing some worthy info on considering which modules to include when designing and establishing your UNA site...  Well worth a watch! 


I think it is also important to understand the ONLINE.Me is only one demonstration of what is possible with UNA. UNA platform could be configured to achieve any social community solution, we could create an Instagram, LinkedIn, Moodle or some other solution that hasn't been thought of yet. In the coming months we will be working on and releasing other configurations, and we encourage our community members to do the same. In many ways was the simplest 1st step, because it is a familiar solution that many people are looking for - but we are really looking forward to creating new possibilities with UNA, and supporting our community to do the same.

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