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For the upcoming release of UNA 10 - we are giving UNA a few tweaks in the engine room, enhancing a …

Good News Week - Surfs Up!

Exploring the capabilities with the new Plyr Video integration available in UNA 10.

Picture in Picture, speed control and ad-syndication = pretty cool!

Mark Purser
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For the upcoming release of UNA 10 - we are giving UNA a few tweaks in the engine room, enhancing a few of the functions in UNA Studio to make your experience in developing and enhancing your UNA site a more seamless and integrated experience. Take a look at this demo on UNA.IO


I just published a new tutorial on how to utilise the permissions module in UNA, if you are new to UNA, or wanting to learn more - this is a great way to start.

Cow O’Clock

Salsa dancing lady bugs on stilts. Of course! Spotted at the Woodford Folk Festival held during the Chrismas > New Year holiday in Queensland Australia.

An incredible festival, a celebration of the best of us - music, art, dance, culture and community.

A timely reminder that humans are okay, that despite our many foibles, we have many positive things to offer.

Peace, love and prosperity to everyone for 2019

This is a great post just published over on UNA.IO giving us punters an insight into the server grunt required to make a Social Community website work - valuable info if you are building a community or are just curious about the back-end of whats involved, and the computer-power to make it all work (hint: its a lot, lot more than a Wordpress site...)


Have you watched this UNA Demo that Antaratma Andrew Boon created recently? He gives a great overview of the UNA capabilities on the front end and back end through UNA Studio - For the UNA Curious it is well worth a watch...

I love to watch the ocean, seeing lines of oceanic swell pushing in and wrapping around a point of land, gives such a clear depiction of the nature of energy. The sun heats the air, creates wind, wind creates waves, energy flows in continual motion, changing forms yet always remaining constant in its manner. The nature of energy is movement. 

This shot yesterday from the most Easterly point of the Australian mainland. 

If you are interested in all things UNA - be sure to follow our intrepid CEO Antaratma's VLOG on YouTube and or UNA.IO - it gives a great indication of where thing are at in UNAville , tips on Development and what to expect with updates and ongoing development...

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