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I think it is also important to understand the ONLINE.Me is only one demonstration of what is possible with UNA. UNA platform could be configured to achieve any social community solution, we could create an Instagram, LinkedIn, Moodle or some other solution that hasn't been thought of yet. In the coming months we will be working on and releasing other configurations, and we encourage our community members to do the same. In many ways was the simplest 1st step, because it is a familiar solution that many people are looking for - but we are really looking forward to creating new possibilities with UNA, and supporting our community to do the same.

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It&;s always great to see people with enthusiasm for their occupation...

This is a group to uplift and inspire. A place to share your ideas and inspiration from culture, art, sport, spirituality and self-expression.

UNA DevOps stategic planning meeting. 

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