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I haven’t posted una while because I had no access to the internet for a while. Actually, there was access but not much time — I’m in India, hopping between ashrams and doing some work. 

Now, over this trip I see how much technology is penetrating every corner of this amazing country. Therein lies a vast scope of opportunities, but also endless dangers. Social networking, for one, is connecting people but at the same time it can contribute to disunity and social isolation. Especially locally. Moreover, entertainment aspect of it can take away from motivation to create tengible art, interact personally and learn from direct contact. Our responsibility is to steer modern online social networking towards meaningful causes that enrich people’s lives. 

I see people build awesome sites, with loads of features, fast, beautiful and still they don't go anywhere. So much effort is often misguided. 99% of the site early growth depends on interesting conversations! "Interesting" is not just some fascinating or helpful information - rather it's about emotionally relatable stuff. Things that make people want to jump in and comment or share their own little something. It's often subtle, but somehow engaging. Like, say, "the sexual tension between these two beach houses".

3D-printer-3D-printing 3D-printers 3D printing 3D-printer-3D-printing 3D-printers.

The best news from Google, Twitter and Microsoft in... well, ever. Kudos! Both UNA and Boonex will be integrating.

you win this weeks prize for the coolest profile pic :) is updated to the latest UNA 9rc9. 

Quick update. Over the next few days, we will change some configuration settings here, but the biggest improvements will come with the next UNA update, due next week.

Our favourite fruit. Who knows the name? 😄 

I often wonder why more things are not made from recycled plastics.

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