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                                      10 days after planting 💚 

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Feeling so grateful to live in the Northern Rivers with all her beauty!

Wollumbin, which means ‘cloud catcher’ to some Aboriginal People, is a traditional place of cultural law, initiation and spiritual education for the people of the Bundjalung Nation.

 Love it! Though you might need a bigger fence to keep out the grazers ;)

Yum Andrew! Looks lush and happy :)  

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Building the soil food web for my new raised garden beds!

I planted oats, wheat, buckwheat, millet, brown and yellow mustard, mung beans and soy beans for nitrogen fixing, and sunflowers. 

I bought most of the seed from the bulk section of the health food stores to save money. Excited to see what sprouts! 

When it grows to about 10% flowering, I will push it all over, cover with mulch and then some compost. Then I will plant my veggie seeds and seedling directly into the compost. The microbiome of the soil will be nicely established and ready to nourish the veggie garden. 

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With silver bells and cockleshells 

And pretty maids all in a row…

Look who I found hanging out in my radish greens! 

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