Server requirements for UNA

This is a great post just published over on UNA.IO giving us punters an insight into the server grunt required to make a Social Community website work - valuable info if you are building a community or are just curious about the back-end of whats involved, and the computer-power to make it all work (hint: its a lot, lot more than a Wordpress site...)

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Have you watched this UNA Demo that Antaratma Andrew Boon created recently? He gives a great overview of the UNA capabilities on the front end and back end through UNA Studio - For the UNA Curious it is well worth a watch...
There is some excellent information in this VLOG update from Antaratma  - Andrew gives an excellent breakdown on The Data Transfer Project which is an extremely exciting development for independent social community developers... Also providing some worthy info on considering which modules to include when designing and establishing your UNA site...  Well worth a watch!