ONLINE.ME - Network For People

ONLINE.ME network will be developed with one key principle guiding every decision - it is a network for people. This means that we shall only enable features that benefit end-users, make the experience better for the members and improve overall satisfaction with the service.Β 

Therefore ONLINE.ME will always be making only enough revenue to sustain operation and development; maintaining members rights for content ownership and personal anonymity; providing an easy and unrestricted way to delete accounts and export own content.

A social network value is entirely dependent on members and the content they create. Since ONLINE.ME is powered by an open-source UNA platform, Β the software itself is not part of the value proposition, which effectively means that content and members is all that counts. We do not own the content or the members - ONLINE.ME belongs to everyone who contributes to it and our goal is to keep users in control.

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    • Ever thought of setting up an UNA account on Patreon?

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      • Thank you for the suggestion Jeremy! I think it’s a great idea and would be a useful integration for the UNA webmasters. We can tie it to a membership level and give extra pets missions to Patrons.Β πŸ˜ƒΒ 

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      • Hi Antaratma I'm working on the About this morning, I'm going to appropriate some of this and add it in :)

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